October 23-25, 2017 | Washington, D.C

Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities

Why Sponsor at Homeland Security Week?

The 12th Annual Homeland Security Week (HSW) will gather homeland security stakeholders and industry providers alike to take a deep dive into current challenges and future requirements necessary for numerous government agencies, all directly or indirectly responsible for U.S. homeland security, to facilitate a complex, joint, multi-layered plan that will combat the evolving challenges our country faces - all while ensuring the support of the communities they serve. HSW will offer industry providers the unprecedented opportunity to showcase their capabilities and network with the most influential collection of stakeholders under one roof, at one time!

For more information or to learn about available exhibition and sponsorship opportunities, please contact Terence Wu at 646-378-6021 or via e-mail at Terence.Wu@idga.org

Target Exhibitors & Sponsors

Given the expansion of event topics to include all of the pressing security requirements impacting homeland security, we'll have government representatives speaking and attending seeking solutions in a variety of areas. Below are the main topic areas for our event and just a sampling of some of the solutions our audience will be seeking in these areas.

Border Management & Immigration

Fixed Tower Surveillance Systems, Targeting Systems, Tactical Communications, Tethered Aerostat, Mobile & Remote Video Surveillance, Unattended Ground Sensors, Intrusion Detection Systems, Maritime & Air Domain Awareness, Access Control Technologies, Radar Systems, Thermal imaging, Hand-Held Integrated Targeting Systems, Supply Chain Integrity Solutions, Perimeter Detection Systems, Tunnel Detection Systems, Armored Vehicles and more.

Cyber Security

Enterprise Information Assurance (IA) Solutions, Data Integration, Vulnerability and Security Assessments, Computer Network Operations, Data Visualization, Dashboards, Systems Integration, Cyber Incident Response systems, Continuous Monitoring, Information Sharing technologies, Advanced Persistent Threat Solutions, Privacy Protection & Risk Assessment, Anti-Tamper Solutions, and more.

Disaster Relief & Emergency Preparedness

Wide Area Interoperability, Tactical Information Networks, Satellite Communications, Detection Systems, Radio Communications, Antenna Systems, Headsets, Spectrum Management Solutions, Integrated Wireless Networks, Secure Cross-Domain & Multi-Domain Technology, GPS Systems, Transmitter/Recievers, Combat Search & Rescue Transcievers and more.

Preventing Terrorism and Enhancing Security

Enhanced Explosives Screening, Air Cargo Screening Technologies, Biometric Products & Services, Portable Radiation& Chemical Detection Systems, Contraband Detection, Mobile & Hand-Held Monitors, Integrated Security Management Systems, Credential Authentication Technology, Dataloggers, and many more.

Who You Will Meet

You will have the opportunity to meet with representatives from all of the relevant government agencies in our speaking faculty as well as in attendance. Below is a sampling of some of the past speakers as well as a sampling of our past attendees:

Past Speakers

Michael Fisher
U.S. Border Patrol

Joseph Demarest
Assistant Director Cyber Division

Randolph Alles

Assistant Commissioner Office of Air and Marine
U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Special Agent David Marwell
Director Joint Task Force - Investigations
Southern Border and Approaches
U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Randall C. Coleman
Assistant Director Counterintelligence Division

Robert Novy
Deputy Assistant Director Investigations - Cyber
U.S. Secret Service

Attendee Profile

In addition to HSW Speakers, exhibitors and sponsors will have the opportunity to network with a wide variety of influencial homeland security stakeholders. Below is a sample breakdown of our end-user audience from our past events. View our Sponsorship Prospectus for a further breakdown on who you may expect to meet onsite this year.

Current Sponsors

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For more information or to learn about available exhibition and
sponsorship opportunities, please contact Terence at 646-378-6021 or via e-mail at Terence.Wu@idga.org